Jo Vincent Vol. 3

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Jo Vincent (soprano) Vol. 3
Catherina van Rennes, Brahms, Haydn, Bizet, Händel, Schumann
Recordings 1930
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Jo Vincent (soprano) Vol. 3
Catherina van Rennes, Brahms, Haydn, Bizet, Händel, Schumann

Recordings 1930


Production: / Joop Lindeijer / RS
PDF booklet: Contains a 35 page PDF booklet with high res photographs and newspaper clippings in facsimile. Each of the 6 volumes dedicated to Vincent contains different photographs and clippings.
Graphic design, audio remastering:
Catalogue number: 2009DD0905
℗ © 2016


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Jo Vincent's biography can be found here
Tracking Total Time: 58.11'

01 Catherina van Rennes, Wiegeliedje, Columbia DH 41, 1930
02 Brahms, Wiegenlied, Columbia D 10036  
03 Haydn, Duet uit Jahreszeiten, Columbia DHX3, London 1930  
04 Bizet, Duet uit Carmen, Parlez moi de ma mère, Columbia DHX 2, London 1930  
05 Mendelssohn, Auf Flügeln des Gesanges & Grusz, Decca X 10045  
06 Händel, Largo, Ombra mai fu, Columbia D 17211  
07 Schumann, So wahr die Sonne scheinet, op 37 no 12, Col. DH 38, London 1930
08 Schumann, Ich denke dein, op 8 no 3, Columbia DH 38, London 1930  
09 Gruber, Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht; O Verblijdende, O Gij wijdende, Col. D 9943  
10 Das Wiegenlied der Hirten, Columbia D 9943  
11 Boddecker, Weihnachts Konzert, deel I, Columbia DHX 40  
12 Boddecker, Weihnachts Konzert, deel II, Columbia DHX 40  
13 Trad, Nu zyt wellekome, Columbia DH 130  
14 Kerstnacht, Columbia D 9880  
15 De kleinste, Columbia D 9877
16 Appeldoorn, Dina, Bretagne, Columbia D 9951  
17 Trad., In Sternennacht, Columbia D 10044
18 Mendelssohn, Sonntagmorgen, Columbia D 10044  

Track 01, 07-08, piano Betsy Rijkens-Culp;
Track05, piano Gerard Hengeveld
Track06, rec. Central Hall, Westminster, London
Track 09-10, rec. Christ Church, London
Track16, piano Maurice van IJzer
Track 03-04 & 07-08, duets with Louis van Tulder, tenor
Track 14 & 16-18, duets with Theodora Versteegh, contralto
Track 15, quartet with W.Ravelli (bass), E.Miedema (ten.) and T.Versteegh (alto)


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